Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working, puttzing around

I'm still working on woodwork, but took a break from that to paint our doors, have wanted to each summer and every summer passes and I haven't done it. It's warm this week and I'm going to do it. I have a cinnamon color for the doors themselves, with gold all around it. The woodwork is getting done, finally have doors on closets. 

Now I'm working on a pantry door, I sawed out the little slats on the upper part of a shutter type bifold and I'm going to order a reeded glass piece to put in instead of the slats on the upper part. Or, I'm going to see if tempered glass will etch, maybe etch the word "pantry" on it. Still thinking on this, will let you know how it turns out. I thought about even doing some stained glass, but just don't feel like re-learning right now, maybe later I will do something.
I ordered some router bits, I'm creating a cabinet in the bathroom and the router bits will be a plain style beveled (like a shaker style) cabinet door. Created a router table out of a table that I sawed shorter and a cabinet that was taking up space above the garage. Got two things out of the garage and made them useful!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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