Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frustration but resolution too

Today started out as a frustrating day. I tried for several hours to set up Dave's new computer with a wireless connection to the printer. No luck. Also tried to download some "critical updates" from Microsoft and ended up getting a blue screen. Some of the updates would load, some wouldn't. At one point I got a blue screen and had to go back to restore it to an earlier time. Argh. I finally just wired the printer to the computer and I will use the wireless connection to another computer. That's why we have two printers, right? Still it is so irritating when something isn't working right. It's also quite worrisome that I'm already having problems with this computer. Don't know what is preventing updates...I hope I don't regret not buying locally. Don't know who to turn to for help.

Then I started making grape jelly. Even though I had bought some grapes to go with my own grapes, it still only made six half pints, didn't seem like a lot after all the futzing around, boiling water, boiling grape juice, grape staining the sink etc. But, I was able to get it to set up, something that didn't work real well last year. 

Then I went upstairs and stripped the bed. I've been having so many allergies, waking up congested each morning. Thought I would wash everything. But then the spin cycle didn't spin it almost dry. It was sopping wet. Had to take one item out and spin the other one, finally got them both dry enough to put in the dryer. 

Meanwhile I put together the mortising attachment for the drill press. It had a lot of parts to it and I couldn't quite figure out how a round drill will make a square hole, but lo and behold, I slowly assembled it and was able to get it working! Hooray! The day finally started feeling better.

Then just to work some of the frustration out of my system I walked down to the mailbox with the dogs. It started raining just as I arrived home, it's been raining off and on again. 

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