Friday, September 28, 2012

Glass Etching

Very interesting process to etch glass. I created stencils by using my Cricket which is like a printer, except that it cuts out decorative things out of paper (or in this case vinyl contact paper). I then used those items as a mask on plain glass. I also took some clip art of breads and cut them out of contact paper. So my bread were hand cut but the wheat stalks and the word "pantry" were cut with the Cricket.
I then put those on plate glass and went outside and used the acid etch paste. It worked fairly well, even though the directions said to not use it on large areas. I added some frosted spray paint to even it out. I will now install these etched glass panels in a couple of shutter bifold doors that I cut the shutters out of the upper panels. It was a fairly labor intensive process, but fun to design!
I'll add pictures later.

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  1. Just came over because of your comment on My Quality Day- how come no new posts? This looks interesting!